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Be an INTEGRAL astronomer: competition poster

Date: 14 October 2009

The 'Be an INTEGRAL astronomy' competition was run by ESA as part of the 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project of the International Year of Astronomy. Secondary School students and University undergraduates from around the world were invited to perform four research tasks in which they used INTEGRAL data from observations of the Galactic Bulge to investigate the properties of a number of variable X-ray sources. These activities were selected to give a flavour of some of the work of an INTEGRAL scientist. The tasks required the participants to interpret the data, to search for evidence of variability and to present the results in a scientific report following strict guidelines. The competition entries were judged by an expert panel comprising ESA scientists. One first prize was awarded for each of the two categories which included a visit to the European Space Astronomy Centre, Spain. In addition, prizes were awarded for the top four highly commended projects in each category. Each individual who submitted a valid entry received a certificate acknowledging their participation in the competition.

Last Update: 04 November 2009
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